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We are a full spectrum builder. From renovating a historical home on the state register to new construction, we can do it all. Our roots are in outdoor living spaces and decks. We enjoy collaborating with clients to achieve their visions, while being a good steward of budget and time.

That depends on many factors. Age of home, scope of work, material choices, timeframe, etcso many factors come into play with a remodel. The old saying goes “you’re building a house with a house in the way.”

New construction is more straightforward with almost all cost known up front. There are usually little to no surprises in the project outside of the normal supplier issues and trade partners scheduling, as well as weather.

We offer free initial meetings where we give you a rough price projection; however for us to develop a full proposal with specific cost requires many administrative hours to define the scope of work and then coordinate with trade partners in developing the project proposal.

We can work together in how and when payments for service are conducted; however, we do not offer in house financing.

Once again that depends on the scope of work and the conditions of build. There are always unforeseen challenges in remodeling. We do factor in our schedules to allow for these instances. If we are doing a whole house remodel to include all new plumbing and electrical with HVAC the average time is six months to a year depending on complexity and size of home.

JLS Custom Construction was founded in 2016. We were performing a lot of side jobs while working for a local custom home builder. It became apparent our work was being requested more and more, so we left a great builder and started JLS Custom Construction.

We will sit down and define your wishes as well as goals for the project. We define project scope in detail and plan a schedule according to critical paths of the project. After we have gathered the necessary information and permits and drawings, we begin the work.

Yes, all materials and finishes will be approved by you prior to installation.

You will be involved and able to walk the site frequently. We do not allow clients to work alongside of us, though, for many reasons. Safety and efficiency are chief among those.

We will handle all debris removal and cleaning. We use advanced dust management systems to minimize construction contaminants from entering parts of the project that are not under construction. This allows for a clean work environment as well as the workers’ health to remain safe.

Yes we offer warranties on our projects.

Give us a call or fill out the contact section on our web page and we will set up an initial meeting.


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